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Get familiar with Forebet’s new feature

Get familiar with Forebet’s new feature

We are happy to present to you, our fans, a new and interesting feature that we hope you will enjoy.

Have you ever wondered how your favourite club performs lately?

Well, with our new feature, you can observe the change in form of the team/s you support. You can now check out what the overall statistics of the clubs were in the previous rounds of the tournament.

Another exciting change is in the standings. You can track the movement of your favourite teams in the table.

Now, you can see what place your favourites were in the past standings of the leagues.

Witness their position before the selected match by simply clicking on a previous fixture of the desired team.

Moreover, it’s now easier to check previous places and statistics of thе clubs in their head-to-head fixtures.

To conclude, these are the main things our new feature brings to the site so take your time to check it out.

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