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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Check out some of our frequently asked questions.

1. How are the predictions made?

Using Artificial Intelligence techniques our algorithms analyse past football data and calculate probabilities for upcoming fixtures. The predictions are based on statistics and mathematics.

2. Is Forebet free? Do you have paid subscription services?

Forebet is a tool and the content is FREE. We have NO hidden paid subscription plans and do not offer any paid predictions or other services.

3. How do I register? Do you have a VIP Group where I can subscribe to receive special predictions?

We do not offer VIP groups or any other subscription plans.

4. Is Forebet a betting site and can we place bets?

Forebet is NOT a betting site and does not provide any forms of betting or gambling. We are publishers and all predictions and data in Forebet are for information purposes only.

5. How to use the predictions?

All predictions are for information purposes only. Forebet is a helping tool that tries to present user-friendly statistical data and all you need to know before the start of the football matches.

6. Why do predictions in the Live Predictions page change?

While the football games are in progress, live predictions are made every minute and are therefore subject to change according to what happens in the match. You can check them real time on our site!

7. What is the difference between yellow, green and red coloured predictions?

The predictions highlighted in Yellow are for upcoming matches. Green and Red are for finished games. Green - Forebet prediction has matched with the final outcome; Red - Forebet prediction is different from the final outcome.

8. How are Top Predictions selected?

This selection shows upcoming fixtures where the algorithm has found some interesting probabilities.

9. What is Kelly Criterion?

The Kelly Criterion is a mathematical formula that shows the ratio between the odd for the fixture and our prediction probability in %.

10. What are Values?

“Values” are selected predictions, chosen mainly by the Kelly Criterion.

11. What is Pick for the day?

A daily selected prediction, usually from some of the most interesting fixtures for the day.

12. What are trends?

Standout statistical trends, found by our AI algorithms and presented in a human readable text.

13. How do you choose the Featured matches on the home page?

The Featured matches are the most interesting fixtures for the day, selected by our editors.

14. What do the numbers in the Average Goals column mean?

The average goals are the predicted avg. goals scored by both teams in certain fixtures. It is useful for any Goal Line predictions such as Under/Over 2.5.

15. I can't understand the odds. I'm using a different format?

You can easily find and change the odds format in the settings menu in the navigation on desktop & mobile.

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