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How does the weather conditions affect the outcome of football matches


When making your football predictions usually you take into account factors such as statistics, temporary form of team, history, injured and suspended players, but do you check the weather? This often overlooked factor can often influence the outcome of the matches.

In Forebet we spend a lot of effort to provide you with relevant information in a convenient way for the time on the day and time of all football games and that's why we do it.

The odds offered by bookmakers are usually adjusted several times before the event to reflect variables such as weather and injured players which can change the statistical expectations.

True professionals in major football clubs understand very well the importance of weather. Not surprisingly, most of them hire the services of professional meteorologists to obtain the most accurate information about the conditions on the day and time of the game. Often in big teams and football derbies where the strengths are equal, usually every small detail and the better preparation is what turns the scales.

Influence of weather conditions in football


One of the most common situations of bad weather in football matches is the rainy weather. The rain makes the ground more slippery, causing the ball to slide and move faster. However, this makes the conditions perfect for teams who like fast movements with many short passes and tactics like "tiki-taka".

heavy rain

If, however, the rain continues for a long time or becomes quite strong the pitch will soon be over flooded which will slow down the ball and disrupt passes. This is especially true for games of lower divisions teams playing on fields with poor drainage system unable to keep the ground in good condition. In these conditions, the team with the better physical shape will prevail in the inevitable heavy tackles.

That is why, it is important to examine not only if it will rain, but how much rain is expected.

Slippery terrain can also indicate a major impact of the number of goals in the match. Heavy rain will not only hamper the safe capture the ball from the goalkeeper, but also will reduce its visibility in the long shots.


Wind is another factor that can affect the game on every sport that involves flying objects in the air. Teams who prefer to play with long passes will handle difficult situations in a strong wind. The wind changes the movement of the ball and the striker must take into account its direction.


If the weather is very hot, typical of some African countries, game will require more physical strength. Such matches will be more excruciating for players and coaches will need to use more substitutes to freshen the team.


During the winter weather is often not suitable for football, mostly because of the snow. If the snow is too strong and stays on the ground, matches usually can not continue and are cancelled. Postponed match must be replayed and often makes the ordinary program of the teams to be more congested in a certain month.

Knowing weather impacts is a must for a good bettor. The conditions have to be considered well, especially when the prediction is made for a particular outcome and number of goals.

According to statistics, in extreme temperature conditions - too hot or too cold, there are fewer goals. In most cases, poor conditions do not favor one team and influence the outcome of the game as a whole.

Finally, to take into account only the weather when predicting football match is not a good idea. There are many other factors that must also be considered. But try to find a value bet with knowledge of the weather for the game can be something worthwhile.

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